5 Simple Steps to Evoke a Vintage Kitchen

Many styles and themes that are ready to make your house feel more like a home. Are you looking for a style that won’t become outdated too quickly? Consider to build a vintage kitchen style. This will help increase home value, create a nice appeal. How to build a vintage kitchen without spend a lot of money?

vintage kitchen

1. Take everything you need and throw away that can’t work. A vintage style is far away from modern style and never use an item that is not reflects an authentic vintage look. For example, you can use floral fabrics as windows treatment and hand towel. In this case, you can use everything you love, but far away from modern touch.

2. Color is an important element to evoke a vintage kitchen. Black and white is a popular combination that can bring an impression of 40’s & 50’s. Use fresh and bright white for your cabinets. Other choices are pale yellows and light greens. Both colors are able to create an airy feeling and bring more light into the room.

3. Use vintage materials also play crucial role. Nowadays, more and more people choose granite counters! Please find a more traditional marble counter and Carerra marble can be a great choice. It’s a worthwhile investment.

vintage kitchen

If you can’t afford to buy marble, consider a butcher block counter. Make this counter looks more adorable by using a food safe stain and it will help create the look of dark walnut. Since these counters require regular maintenance, make sure to use a cutting board to maintain their look.

4. A vintage kitchen is really intimate with tiles. Create a unique appearance by using an inexpensive subway tile. Using tiles to cover the floor is a great idea because the surface is easy to clean.

5. Sink becomes important focal point in a vintage kitchen and two suitable options are stone sink or big farmhouse sink.

vintage kitchen

Extra guide:

Using stainless steel appliances is an optional, especially for vintage style. However, if you really love it, that’s will be fine. Find more references about vintage kitchens by reading articles and see pictures/images. They can open your knowledge to create a perfect design.

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