6 Simple Steps to Design Your Own Kitchen Cart

Homeowners want a kitchen cart because this is a handy furnishing. A kitchen with limited work space like a nightmare, they are trying to do everything to have an extra work space and this furniture is an ideal solution. Kitchen carts are available in various models and functionality! A movable cart is versatile furniture that can be rolled out into different rooms.

kitchen cart

Kitchen cart is called a versatile furnishing if offers double duty as a kitchen island, so able to use it for daily needs. Some materials to make the carts such as wood or stainless steel and each material can complete a certain theme. For instance, if you want to build an industrial kitchen look, consider to have stainless steel cart.

However, in this article you are free to design a kitchen cart especially the one can meet your daily needs.

1. First, you need a cutting board, you can put a marble top or butcher block on the cart. Add a color using sealed ceramic tiles. Do you love serves fresh dishes directly from the oven? So, you need to use a heatproof material.

2. Do you want a movable cart? Consider to design the cart with wheels. However, make sure to install a lock feature, so the wheels can be locked and unable to move freely if needed.

3. There are some important elements must get installed on a kitchen cart. You need a knife block, handles, hanging towels and shallow shelves. Install a handle for moving the cart, shallow shelves and knife block at one end.

4. You also need two shelves and one drawer, please write them down on your plan list. For the shelves, you can leave them open or install doors on the front. Well, the choice is yours!

5. Do you love to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner? Consider hang a wineglass rack, you can install it right under the drawer and put a small wine rack.

6. Maybe you want to use small appliances on the kitchen cart, don’t forget to install electrical outlets.

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