Simple Kitchen Design Advice That You Can Do

Do you need a kitchen design advice? There are many things you can do and totally simple.

Make a plan

kitchen design advice

In the first move, you must make a proper plan. Prepare a piece of paper and write down everything that comes out through your mind. If you are a beginner, write down basic plan and sketch. After that, you may contact a professional designer to clarify your ideas.

On the Internet, you may find free kitchen design advice and luckily several kitchen manufacturers ready to give full support. Discuss with the professionals to stick on plans and budget.

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets

kitchen design advice

Two important furniture must be available in the kitchen. There are so many manufacturers producing high quality kitchen cupboards and cabinets in various options. You can choose between DIY (Do It Yourself) and DFY (Done For You). Pay attention to the material of furniture. Don’t make a decision too fast, you must consider the size of your kitchen too. Price factor is based on the main material, high quality material has a higher price.


kitchen design advice

Another kitchen design advice you must seriously consider is the size of appliances. Don’t buy something that won’t fit with your kitchen, the appliances must have a good position and won’t make the room appears crowded. The placement of appliances must next to power supply!


kitchen design advice

A new kitchen needs new flooring. There are many options you can take and this matter won’t be easy. Based on a kitchen flooring advice, choose the one with a suitable surface. Flooring must be able to withstand wear and tear, especially for a high traffic kitchen. Non slip flooring always becomes a nice choice if you have children and elderly.

Green concept

kitchen design advice

Nowadays, green concept become so much popular, you can combine it to the current kitchen design. You can start by choosing energy-saving appliances, cork flooring, add extra windows or install a skylight.

People now consider a simple kitchen design advice, easy to apply and adjustable with any kitchen style.

simple kitchen designs.

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