Simple & Easy Kitchen Decorating Advice

Do you need a kitchen decorating advice? You come to the right place because this article has everything you need to know. Talking kitchen decorating, people will start thinking about the budget. Undeniable, budget is an important key to get a dream kitchen design.

All this time, many people assume a kitchen decorating project require a big budget. This bad assumption isn’t true at all. A kitchen decorating project can run in small budget. A small makeover is able to create a massive change as long as everything is well prepared.

Brighten up the kitchen space

kitchen decorating advice

Brighten up the room doesn’t mean you have to add or widen the windows. A quicker way to do that is applying a fresh coat of paint. Pick a nice color scheme or create an accent on one wall. Light colors are the best choice, but dark colors also good as an accent wall. Avoid using dark colors to coat entire walls, as these options will create a narrow look.

Cheap wall art

kitchen decorating advice

Besides applying a coat of fresh color on the walls, decorate with cheap art pieces that may found at department store such as decal, paintings, peel-and-stick mural. Instead of buying ready-made wall art, show off your works on the walls, whether painting, photography or other artworks.

Living plants

kitchen decorating advice

Based on kitchen decorating advice in several magazines and website, a pot of fresh flowers or living plants will boost the decor into a different look. Choose your favorite living plants. Some people love a living plant that serves as fresh ingredient such parsley, oregano, etc. However, people also love to grow beautiful flowers or mini fruit plants.

Cheap kitchen accessories

kitchen decorating advice

There is another cheap kitchen decorating advice, easy for everyone especially homeowners with limited budget. Remove old kitchen accessories with something new. Buy new rugs, curtains, napkins, dishtowels, tablecloths, plates, kitchen rubbish bin and flatware.

Keep well-organized

kitchen decorating advice

There is a kitchen decorating advice often forgotten by many people. Kitchens must have a tidy look all the time! Store rarely used items on the storage, throw away useless items. Make sure the counter and island well-organized.

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