Several Good Ideas For Simple Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel can run at lowest cost. In this case, we are talking about simple kitchen remodel. No need something that spend a lot of money, time and energy. So, what is the simple thingĀ  you can do?

simple kitchen remodel

The least expensive remodeling elements is applying a new paint. Cover entire walls and ceilings can typically be done less than a week, the cost no more than $100, depending on the size of kitchen. Use a certain painting technique to give a plus value, for example accent, faux finishes, murals, vertical or horizontal stripes. Several homeowners take wallpaper as the alternative, available in many options.

flooring simple kitchen remodel

Is it expensive to update kitchen floor? One of simple kitchen remodel ideas is adding small accent rugs rather than replacing old floor may cost you a lot. If the kitchen area dominated by wood floor, you can refinish the surface to recapture its original beauty. Updating the floor with new tile is not a good choice for people with limited budget, but they can consider stick-on square vinyl tiles which are less expensive and easy to install.

color simple kitchen remodel

Instead of buying new appliances, consider replacing old accessories with something new. Go to a department store, spend your money for flour and sugar canisters or attractive decorations such as candles, vase, etc. Pay attention to the window, this element can boost kitchen design. A simple kitchen remodel idea is installing a new curtain and placing a small potted plant on the windowsill.

countertop simple kitchen remodel

Stop buying new cabinets when starting a kitchen remodel project. If the old cabinets still on good condition, do a little update. Refinish, repaint and replace are the three things you can do. Replacing cabinets hardware and doors won’t take a lot of cost rather than buying new or secondhand cabinets.

Most simple kitchen remodel ideas you read in this article will give a big impression even at lowest cost. Be wise when starting your project, remodel or redesign only based on requirement, so leave behind something unimportant.

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