Several Ideas Of Kitchen Renovation Design

A kitchen renovation project is the best solution to get a new look. There are limitless possibilities regarding kitchen renovation design and two obstacles often showing up: budget and time for project. Many homeowners take simple renovations to cut budget and time. Others do a major renovation that requires a proper planning, plenty of time and effort. All depends on desire and need, here are several ideas regarding kitchen renovation design.

Overcome space problems

kitchen renovation design

The biggest problem often shows up is not having enough space. A small kitchen is not a big problem, overcome it by filling the kitchen space with deeper countertops and cabinets extend to the ceiling. This trick will create more storage space and work space. Provide one big sink to do the dishes not two sinks as they will take more space. If there are useless spaces, make them more functional by installing shelves and drawers.

Lighting system

kitchen renovation design

Consider replacing lighting system when doing a kitchen renovation project. A new kitchen renovation design must have new lighting system. This factor helps the kitchen space look spacious then it actually is. Combine decorative, accent, ambient and task lighting to create a new ambiance.

Install lighting system in several important areas such as prep area, sink area and stove area. If the kitchen island also serves as a dining table, consider installing pendant lights over it.

Finish & pattern

kitchen renovation design

A good kitchen renovation design must have compatible finish and pattern. If you have a small kitchen space, avoid dark colors as they will make kitchen look smaller. For flooring and backsplash, better use diagonal pattern on the tiles to create an illusion of expansion. Use open storage in place of closed cabinets if you use floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

This trick will make the kitchen space look open and airy. What about the finishing touch? Use finishes that complement each other elements. A nice finish will tie everything together and create a harmonious look.

Those are several ideas of kitchen renovation design. So, what do you have in your mind? Get a nice result by using a kitchen design tool.

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