The Secrets To Paint Pre-Finished Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, more and more homeowners choosing prefinished kitchen cabinets as they have option to coat the cabinets based on a certain style. Besides staining, painting kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to re-energize the room. Doing this activity is easy even without hiring a professional as many homeowners consider it as a DIY project. Is it hard to apply a new fresh color to pre-finished kitchen cabinets? Pay attention to all steps below!

pre-finished kitchen cabinets

Step one

Remove temporarily doors, hinges, handles and shelves out of cabinet. Prepare an area to sand and paint all these items. Make sure there is nothing left inside the cabinets, totally empty. Store screws in a safe place because you will need them to reattach the cabinets back together as one unit.

Step two

Prepare soap and water to clean up the pre-finished kitchen cabinets and other items such as shelves, drawer fronts and doors. Cleaning up will remove a pile of grime, grease and dirt over the years. Besides using soap and water, make a solution of water and vinegar. Let the cabinets completely dry.

pre-finished kitchen cabinets

Step three

Prepare 180-grit sandpaper to sand off the surface of cabinets. Before doing this activity, protect yourself with a face mask and protective eyewear. Sand the surface based on the direction of the wood grain. Sanding is really important to do to let the surface accent the new paint.

Step four

Clean off the dust on the surface after sanding is done. Remove the fine dust with a tack cloth and use a deglosser to eliminate any contaminate. Before applying a new paint to the cabinets, the working area must free from dust and debris.

pre-finished kitchen cabinets

Step five

Use a 6-inch paint roller to apply the primer color to the pre-finished kitchen cabinets. Once done, use an acrylic water-based quick-drying primer. Let the cabinets dry for several hours before applying another coat.

Step six

Use a 6-inch roller to apply the second paint and let the cabinets dry completely before attach doors, hinges and handles back together.

Giving a new color to pre-finished kitchen cabinets won’t take too much time. Do this as a DIY project because it doesn’t need a particular skill.

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