Saturday Kitchen as a Cookery Program in More Unique Ideas

Make a delicious dish become a high desire for many people. How to make and serve a delicious dish? For some people, cooking is a fun activity and stores a lot of challenges. If you want to have handy hands in cooking activity, keep practice all the time. Not only read a recipe, but also tries to make one. Watch all cooking videos, such as Saturday kitchen or Hell’s kitchen.

Saturday kitchen

There is a video or TV program you must watch and it’s Saturday Kitchen Live. This show is broadcast live on BBC One every Saturday morning and James Martin as the presenter. Before James gets involved, Antony Worrall Thompson and Gregg Wallace are the previous presenters.

On January 26th, 2002, the first program was aired on BBC Two and Gregg Wallace as the first presenter. Every week, this show invited a different celebrity chef. However, the first series run in a relatively low budget.

Since the first series deemed a success story, BBC turned it as a major brand and Saturday Kitchen was re-launched without Wallace. He was replaced by Antony Worrall Thompson, an established celebrity chef who has a higher popularity. The format totally revamped, in order to gain higher ratings, the program was moved out to BBC One. Saturday Kitchen gained a more entertainment-based approach and totally worked out. There were an increasing number of new chefs appearing, bring new ideas and more aspirational foods.

However, ITV made a similar cooking TV program and hired Worrall Thompson as the presenter. This TV program emulates the format of Saturday kitchen, even the title too! It’s called as Saturday Cooks. Actually, the format was almost similar with the old series of Saturday Kitchen, so does the schedule and duration. After left out by Worrall Thompson, BBC decided to hire James Martin and was revamped the format. Many new ideas were brought into the show.

The most excited from Saturday kitchen is the omelet challenge. In this challenge, all guest chefs are asked to cook a three-egg omelet. The fastest one will carve his/her name in a record. On March 16th, 2013, Paul Rankin carves his name as the current record holder. He made omelet with a time of 17.52 seconds.

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