How to Run Small Kitchen Makeovers Successfully

Makeover a small kitchen area is really important to eliminate something unneeded anymore and make the room appear larger. Starting kitchen makeovers for small area is not that hard if you make proper plan based on needs. Here are four elements must be watched carefully to get a nice design.


kitchen makeovers

When starting kitchen makeovers, be selective to appliances. Throw away something large and useless. If you are going to buy new ones, buy small or space-saving appliances. This theory has a big effect to small area, avoid choosing dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and stove in large sizes or don’t fill the kitchen with something you don’t need to buy.

Besides buying appliances in compact sizes, you have to consider the functionality. Appliances with double duties are a lot better for small kitchen. If you already have large kitchen appliances, sell them. Use the money to buy new appliances based on your basic needs and condition of your kitchen.


kitchen makeovers

When doing kitchen makeovers, do not forget to provide adequate storage. If there is an empty wall, install a rail-type storage system. Place the accessories on hooks in a sequence based on usage. Install shelves to store rarely used appliances and place cupboards to store tableware.


kitchen makeovers

The most important thing when doing kitchen makeovers is creating adequate workspace. Do you need workspace that won’t take so much space? Consider a movable kitchen island on wheel. This thing can be moved out to another room. Another choice you can do to have extra workspace is by mounting a pull-out cutting board under a countertop. To have a clear workspace, please take unneeded items to storage. Small items and appliances are not allowed appear on workspace.


kitchen makeovers

When doing small kitchen makeovers, be selective to accessories. In this theory, buy accessories based on needs and not too many, avoid the kitchen appear cluttered and tight.

Small kitchen makeovers must run based on a plan, don’t cross the line. If you can take this job as a DIY project, read references or hire a kitchen designer to get the best result.

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