Renovation Tips And Tricks For Your Kitchen

Many homeowners still don’t know what to do for kitchen renovation. They are inexperienced and decide to hire a contractor. Before doing that, several things must be carefully considered. FYI, there are many articles on the internet revealed about renovation tips and tricks for kitchen. In this article, three tips only focus on cabinets, flooring and lighting.

Tips for kitchen cabinets

cabinets renovation tips and tricks

Many homeowners decide to buy new cabinets when doing kitchen renovation, you can do that as long as the budget allows. Updating your old cabinets is the best choice, cheap and affordable. There are many things can be done, such as replacing old doors, hardware, knobs, pulls, repaint, restain, etc. People with small kitchens take decision to remove cabinet doors to create an open look, while the others apply new paint or stain. Upper cabinets could create a narrowed look, replacing them with shelves.

Tips for flooring

Is it true replacing kitchen flooring need a big budget? Not at all! Replacing old flooring depends on several factors such as usage, appearance and budget. Flooring options are available in a wide range of synthetic and natural materials. Hardwood flooring often become a dream for every homeowner, but pricey. When budget becomes a big obstacle, people start considering plastic laminate flooring which is less expensive, highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Several home designers recommend vinyl tiles and flooring, they are the most cheap option and easy to install. People consider their kitchens as an investment, so they aren’t hesitate to spend a lot of money by picking stone floors such as granite and marble. Besides stone floors, consider tile floors as the alternative. They are less expensive than stone floors, but elegant and durable. There are also tile floors made from environmentally-friendly materials such as linoleum, cork and bamboo.

Tips for lighting

A dark kitchen gives a bad impression. Bring more natural light into the space by adding skylights or enlarging existing windows. Get more amazing effect by painting the walls in very light colors or white, plus hanging a framed mirror to reflect natural light from the outside.

Do not install a single type of lighting, but consider several options to make sure kitchen space shining in the night. A nice kitchen design must have three types of lighting system such as under-cabinet lighting, pendant light, track or spotlight lighting. Several homeowners also install dimmer switches for romantic atmosphere.

Of course, there are many renovation tips and tricks for your kitchen. Rearrangement is the simplest thing for a new look. Removing out unnecessary items, make sure the counter appears neat and tidy will help create an extra space. Run renovation project based on the budget you have, be realistic is an important key.

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