Remodeling A Small Kitchen Space On A Budget

Remodeling a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to prepare a big budget and that’s not a guarantee to get an ideal design. Nowadays, more and more people consider the budget for kitchen remodel project as they love low-budget, but get an outstanding look. Thanks to internet, remodeling a small kitchen on a budget is not a dream anymore and there are some tips for small kitchen remodeling.

There are four elements we are going to talk about, starting from countertops, cabinets, backsplash and flooring.

Replace old countertop

remodeling a small kitchen on a budget

New countertop will give a fresh look to small kitchen. Several countertop options on market are expensive, especially granite and manufactured stone that become popular choice recently. No need to buy something expensive to bring a touch of luxury into the kitchen, laminate countertops can do that in a cheap way. Concrete also a nice alternative for laminate, minimal maintenance, durable and relatively cheap to install.

Update old cabinets

remodeling a small kitchen on a budget

Think twice before buying new kitchen cabinets, this feature is one of the most expensive items. Save more money for another purpose because you can update old cabinets by repainting and replacing. Apply new paint or stain and replace old hardware such as pulls, drawer fronts, hinges, knobs, etc. Remodeling a small kitchen on a budget by updating old cabinets is a brilliant idea.

Cheap backsplash

remodeling a small kitchen on a budget

Backsplash is important feature to show off homeowner’s personality. The cheapest way to create a new backsplash is using tiles (glass or ceramic) as the main material. Cut the cost by installing backsplash on important areas only such as sink and stove areas. To bring an elegant touch, create a mosaic from broken chinaware, pottery or tiles, use creativity.

New flooring

remodeling a small kitchen on a budget

So many ways remodeling a small kitchen on a budget, one of them is new flooring. Well, install new flooring won’t drain your savings if you have adequate time and skill to do installation with your hands. Install tile flooring need more time and consider peel-and-stick laminate flooring, but not durable. Choose laminate wood flooring as an alternative.

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