Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets Without A Professional Service

Remodeling kitchen cabinets is an easy job even without hiring a professional service. More and more homeowners consider this option instead of buying new cabinets that will spend a lot of money. Remodeling only focus on specific things such as refinish, repaint and replace. So, what can you do without a professional’s help?

Color & finish

remodeling kitchen cabinets

Remodeling kitchen cabinets on a budget usually focus on refinish and repaint. When you decide to change your kitchen wall color, please do the same thing to cabinets. Spend your time to visit local home-improvement stores, there are many wood finishes you will notice, starting from dark walnut to light maple. Now, you only need to imagine how your kitchen’s final design.


examine remodeling kitchen cabinets

Before starting your own project, spend a time to examine your old cabinets in detail. Check over all aspects to make sure the cabinets are solid enough to keep and store important stuff for several years longer.

Time to start

time start remodeling kitchen cabinets

After finding references and examine the existing cabinets, it’s time to start your own project. Decide what will you do to the cabinets, repaint or refinish? Whatever you choose, the first thing you must do is removing the drawers and doors. Prepare sandpaper grit to remove old paint and stain on the surface of doors, drawers and cabinets. Sanding the surfaces is important before applying a new paint or stain.

Repaint and refinish sometimes can’t give optimum result. You can make the cabinets even more interesting by installing new doors, pulls, handles and hardware. Remodeling kitchen cabinets by changing important parts will boost the final look. A smart idea for small kitchen is removing the doors from the upper cabinets. Let the upper storage open will give a spacious illusion, but consider installing glass doors if you want to protect the items inside upper cabinets.

The conclusion, remodeling kitchen cabinets is an easy job that homeowners can do with their own hands as long as they know what to do and already have a proper plan. Hire a professional only for an impossible task!

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