How To Remodel Oak Cabinets Look Like New

Oak cabinets become a belle of any kitchen design, now more and more homeowners want to have it. Since the price factor sometimes becomes a huge problem, several people choose secondhand cabinets. No need to worry about for having secondhand oak cabinets as there are many ways to remodel them appear like new.

oak cabinets

Clean up the cabinet

Prepare a damp cloth and a household degreasing cleaner to clean up the outsides and insides of cabinetry. The second step is rubbing by using a damp cloth with warm water. Use a soft cloth to dry the cabinetry.

Dismantle hardware and hinges

Prepare your screwdriver to remove all cabinetry components, hardware and hinges. Put them all in a safe container since you will use them once again. Dismantle the doors off the cabinet. Give a mark to each door so you will be easier to put them back in correct positions.

oak cabinets


Sanding the oak cabinets with 120-grit sandpaper, you may start from the cabinet facing, cabinet sides and fronts. Make sure the surface is smooth without any stain, color and finish. Clean up the cabinet with a tack cloth until no dust particles left.


Apply a primer coat! Apply two paint coats of water-based, stain-killing primer for the doors, cabinet sides, door facings and the outsides of cabinetry. This trick ensures the oak cabinets ready for the final coat of paint and also sealer. The primer coat will let paint sticking properly and reduce the visual appearance of oak grains. Allow the primer to dry before applying two coats of paint. Apply two coats of polyurethane sealer once the second coat is dry. This trick protects the finish of oak kitchen cabinets from damage such as scratches and chips.

oak cabinets


Reassemble all hardware, doors and hinges in their original locations. Replace obsolete hardware and hinges if possible to buy new ones.

Remodel or refinish old cabinets become a good solution, save more money rather than buying stock oak cabinets that may cost $4,000 to $5,000. However, the choice is yours whether remodel or buy a new one.

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