How to Remodel the Kitchen Cabinets in Apartment

Renters can’t remodel decor and design without permission of the owner. No wonder if the kitchen atmosphere seemed boring and standard. They can’t arbitrarily change decor and design, as does the cabinet appearance. Generally, the owners of the apartments already prepare a kitchen cabinet, means, renters no need to bring or buy a new cabinet.

apartment kitchen cabinets

Absolutely, this would give a benefit for them, but the cabinet appearance looks dull and blunt. How to transform kitchen cabinets in the apartment look like a new without breaking contract?

1. Use fabric to cover the cabinet doors. Cabinet available is inconspicuous and need a new touch to create a new focal point. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of each cabinet door. Note each measurement on a piece of paper. Add two inches to the length and width to simplify the wrapping process later.

2. Bring the paper list to any fabric stores. Ask a clerk to help measure the fabric you need. Pick a fabric fit the theme and style, there are many patterns available and of course, you have many choices.

3. Before wrap the cabinet doors using fabric, you need to smooth out wrinkles by ironing the fabric.

4. Take a screwdriver to remove the cabinet door hardware. Use one hand holding the door so not easily fall because you will release the hinge screws. After that, remove it from the cabinet.

5. Spread the fabric and face down the door on it. Measure carefully then prepare chalk to mark doors and fabric. After gaining a proper size, cut with scissors.

6. Cover the door with fabric based on measurement. Make sure the front door is securely coated with fabric. Use tape to secure the fabric on the back of the door. Do the same for the other doors.

Incrust the kitchen cabinets with fabric is one of small apartment kitchen ideas. It will make the cabinet look attractive and become a new focal point. Another thing you can do is replacing the cabinet hardware.

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