The Reason Choosing Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets become the most important furniture and available in different models. In this industry, cabinets divisible into two types: custom and modular kitchen cabinets. The last option sometimes called as semi-custom kitchen cabinets, offers different characteristics than custom cabinets.

Two options

modular kitchen cabinets

Just like custom cabinets, modular cabinets fall into two types: pre-built or knocked down. Each has different benefits, the knocked down type may fit for people who are still looking for perfect shelter place because it can dismantle pairs.

Customizable or simple cabinets

modular kitchen cabinets

Whatever your choice, whether pre-built or knocked down, you can choose between simple or customizable design. Simple choice may fit for modern kitchen and already meet the basic needs. However, customizable modular kitchen cabinets become a good choice for homeowner who wants to get a specific request. Customizable type will require more budget than the simple one. All depends on your need and budget of course.


modular kitchen cabinets

Just like custom cabinets, modular kitchen cabinets made from different materials and one of them is solid wood, normally made of plywood, whether 1/2-inch or upgradable to 3/4-inch. Other materials often used are maple, oak or cherry. For homeowners who have limited budget, choose cabinets made of oak while the ones made of cherry become good choice for homeowners who want to bring luxury style into the kitchen. Whatever material you choose, make sure it fit well to your budget.

Advantages and disadvantages

modular kitchen cabinets

What are the benefits of modular kitchen cabinets? These cabinets are cheaper, easy to install, available in wide variety of styles and colors. Proper planning will make cabinets have a high-end look. Despite this cabinet option become the best alternative, it has several disadvantages.

Modular kitchen cabinets made in common sizes may not fit well in odd-sized area, a big problem that needs special attention. Another problem is upgrade availability. Sometimes, several homeowners like to replace the old doors with the new ones and a problem will show up if the manufacturer doesn’t have a wide range of doors to choose from.

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