Quick & Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel Tips

Do you want a new kitchen? You can get it easily without moving to a new place. Remodeling is a simple idea you can run, but sometimes require a lot of money. However, no need to demolish the old kitchen and build a new one, there are many ways to bring a fresh atmosphere. A professional designer recommends laminates as one of inexpensive kitchen remodel tips. Why should you use it? This material actually has been proven can be used a long period, especially for kitchen countertops. Laminate is not something new and has existed since the 1950s.

inexpensive kitchen remodel tips

People choose laminates because offers high durability against harm elements cause breakage and moisture. However, it has a disadvantage too! Honestly, this material can’t withstand extreme heat from pans and pots that come directly from the oven or stove. Heat will scorch and damage the surface. That means, you have to replace the whole thing if severe enough and burn down the material.

inexpensive kitchen remodel tips

Laminates can blend well with any theme of the kitchen although the room is highly dominated by stainless steel elements. Nowadays, this material also available in many designs and colors, where homeowners can find in different of pastel designs or stone colors. No wonder if professional designers consider laminate as one of inexpensive kitchen remodel tips. Unlike other materials, you only need a little time for cleaning up the whole surface. Laminate has a non-porous characteristic to prevent debris and dirt stay on its surface. If you are considering ceramic tiles for covering countertop, the grout could bring a problem in the future. This area makes bacteria and molds easy to grow.

There are so many inexpensive kitchen remodel tips you can do besides updating the countertop with laminate, for example put a new dining table, replace the flooring, install a kitchen curtain or paint a new fresh color on the walls and ceilings. However, countertop is the biggest part of kitchen or always be a focal point, so renewing this thing should be on the top list.

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