Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

There are some pros and cons of the use of white kitchen cabinets. Speaking about its design, white kitchen cabinets look great and you would be surprised how they can add style in your kitchen when placed correctly. While some people that this white kitchen cabinet is plain, this is not entirely true. In fact, this white cabinet looks great when it is combined with the right elements that come with dark colors. Some best items that work great with a white cabinet are granite countertops, tinted glass and rich cherry floors.

white kitchen cabinets

Two Kinds of White Kitchen Cabinets You Should Know

When shopping for white kitchen cabinets, ones must know that there are two kinds of available on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. These two kinds of painted and thermofoil cabinets. The first choice is the thermofoil cabinet, it is made of a particle board door. Some advantages of choosing the thermofoil cabinet is that they are relatively easy to clean and the color will remain popular, allowing you to save more money from purchasing a new one.


The second choice is the painted cabinet, this type of cabinet can be made from any types of woods but the most popular ones maple and cherry. When you decide to use a white cabinet, there are lots of color variations that you can make, giving more flexibility in choosing what style you want to apply for the kitchen.

What are the Cons ?

The first type, thermofoil cabinets may look great but when there is a problem, you should realize that fixing it won’t be an easy task. When such problem occurs, the only solution you have is to replace the whole piece, which is a bad idea as you need to spend more money. As for painted white cabinets, they may suffer from other problems such as sunlight and other small scratches.

Knowing about these pros and cons will help you determine which type that suits with your requirement while narrowing down your choice when shopping for the best one. While both of them look great, knowing their disadvantages will give you some ideas which type that you should purchase. If you need one that is available in lots of color variations, painted kitchen cabinets would make a good choice. The choice is yours, overall, white kitchen cabinets can be considered as a great addition for your kitchen.    


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