Positive and Negative Reviews of Kalico Kitchen

Some people love to spend their time in a restaurant, even they love to visit different restaurant to taste all superior menus. If you are a foodie, maybe you should consider the Kalico kitchen restaurant. What are the menus? How about the reviews? Restaurant Impossible TV show already visited it and this article will show a lot of reviews that may give you some references, either the plus and minus.

kalico kitchen

Let’s we start about the positive reviews from the customers!

1. “The restaurant has a nice decor and great breakfast menus. This is the best place to enjoy extra crisp hash browns with onions and crisp bacon. They offer timely and friendly service.”

2. “Even though this restaurant isn’t a quite fancy, buy offers a comfy place to stop by. The location is strategic, right in the middle of the road. The breakfast menu is great with quick and friendly service.”

3. “The breakfast menu has so many choices!”

4. “Kalico kitchen has a comfy place, give a big applause to its decor. All staff does their best”

Even though gain several positive reviews, Kalico kitchen also get so many negative reviews. The customers criticize the dirty bathroom and suggest to cleaning up that area too. Here are some negative reviews from the customers:

1. “The food isn’t great at all, a mix of bad and good, but mostly the taste is bad. The service is too lousy and the menu is little bit pricey.”

2. “It needs so much time to get a menu, maybe about 20 minutes. Not pleasant with all services and won’t come again.”

3.”The owner changes the prices without give any notices on the menu list. Some customers complain about this case, waiters must face on bad situation all the time to explain about the price update.”

4.”For the first time visit, this restaurant gives a bad impression. The service is totally bad, so does the food. Not highly recommended!”

5.”The worst restaurant! The food is bad and undercooked.”

The reviews about kalico kitchen were taken from many references such as Yelp or Tripadvisor. Before you visit this restaurant, please read all reviews.

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