The Popular Tiny Kitchen Design Layouts

Layout is really important element when considering tiny kitchen design. A proper layout will make the kitchen become more functional and totally work out for any activities. Unlike large kitchen, there are several things you need to consider carefully since tiny kitchens have limited spaces. Let’s discussing tiny kitchen design layouts!

Four choices

tiny kitchen design layouts

There are four kinds of kitchen shapes to use such as galley, U-shape, L-Shape and single line. Each type has different characteristics, nothing similar at all. Galley concept often a mainstay for some professional chefs if they need two rows of preparation area without eliminating convenience.

U-shape kitchen will help create maximum workspace and storage space by utilizing three walls. L-shape is a nice concept if you want to combine kitchen area with a dining room, a good choice for homeowner who wants minimum traffic. The last, single line concept only utilizes one wall, a nice choice for homeowner who doesn’t have door or window in the kitchen.

tiny kitchen design layouts

Although the galley, U-shape, L-Shape and single line are the best tiny kitchen design layouts, but at least you need pay attention to the size of kitchen too. There is additional layout, circular concept. Unlike the others, this concept may need a high creativity. It’s not hard to build, but you need to find curved kitchen cabinets.

Separate sections

tiny kitchen design layouts

Whatever type of tiny kitchen design layouts you choose, make sure the kitchens have four separate areas for food preparation, cooking, cleanup and baking, but if possible, add extra area for snack center. Each area doesn’t need a large space to be effective or functional because the most important key is the placement of feature.

Work triangle

tiny kitchen design layouts

A nice kitchen layout must contain an effective work triangle. Build a work triangle uses three main points: the refrigerator, sink and stove. Each main point must support each other, so homeowners can work effectively when doing cooking activities in the kitchen, start from grab ingredients, food preparation and cleanup.

Whatever type of tiny kitchen design layouts you choose, make sure to separate sections for different purposes and create an effective work triangle.

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