Popular Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Many ways can be done by homeowners to give a new look for their kitchen cabinets. One of them is replacing the doors. Several cabinet manufacturers produce products easy to customize, certain parts can be replaced and replacement kitchen cabinet doors become a great option.

Several companies produce cabinet doors in many options, start from different styles, colors and material. Talking about materials, there are four options you can consider based on your base cabinet units.

1. Laminate

replacement kitchen cabinet doors

If you want the cabinet reveals a modern statement, consider laminate doors. This option helps achieve a subtle look, a nice option rather than modern wood doors. To make cabinet appears outstanding, choose laminate doors in bold colors, they give a nice effect for small kitchen.

2. Wood

replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Wood Cabinet

Wood becomes a popular material of replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Even several manufacturers produce wood doors in different styles, start from traditional to modern. Several products are made from original wood or solid wood and some are made from wood veneer and wood composite. The last two materials have several drawbacks such as susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. However, these two materials won’t require as much daily maintenance.

3. Steel

replacement kitchen cabinet doors

This material is the best choice to introduce a modern touch to kitchen cabinet. Stainless steel cabinet doors can turn your lovely kitchen into somewhat modern. Several companies also produce the doors in different colors, not only an original look. Many benefits owned by stainless steel doors, they are easy to clean and can be a nice reflective surface to create a bigger illusion in smaller spaces.

4. Glass

replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Glass cabinet doors also a nice choice to reflect light besides stainless steel. Several companies produce these doors in many options, the original or frosted effect. Glass cabinet doors also available in mosaic style which help evoke vintage appearance.

These are materials of replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Choose the one based on style of cabinet or kitchen. Besides paying attention to materials, do not forget consider the door knob as it can create a nice focal point to door.

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