Popular Kitchen Remodeling Designs and Ideas

When kitchen design is already worn out, you need a remodel project. There are so many kitchen remodeling designs will give a new appearance in an instant. Here are several popular designs you should consider.

Country theme

country kitchen remodeling designs

Country kitchens are not only famous with warmth atmosphere, but also rely on texture and natural materials such as glass, brick and wood. A dramatic kitchen often uses a heavy wooden countertop island or kitchen table. Choose cabinetry with glass doors framed. To complete the country design, put metal accents and fixtures. Consider installing skylight or add extra windows or expand the available ones.

French country theme

french country kitchen remodeling designs

This theme is totally different from the ordinary country theme. French country design relies on natural materials and earthy tones, but the most important element is rustic style that came from the South of France. The original French country theme uses Plaster walls, wrought iron accents and terra cotta tiles. Hanging copper pots on the wall or above the island will add home value. No wonder this theme is considered as one of best kitchen designs.

Contemporary theme

contemporary kitchen remodeling designs

This theme is famous for its simplicity, thanks to the concept of clean lines. Many kitchen remodeling designs with contemporary theme are using stainless steel appliances to create a seamless look. Complete your kitchen with vibrant colors and install stainless steel task lights above the island.

Theme for small kitchen

small kitchen remodeling designs

What about small kitchens? There are many themes can fit well, but several things need to consider carefully. First, furniture must fit to kitchen scale. Second, only use light colors and make sure natural light easy to come inside the room. Third, be creative and innovative person when providing storage space. Fourth, the placement of your appliances must be on the top of your list. Fifth, install mirror or glass backsplash.

Several kitchen remodeling designs above will look awesome if you consider two ideas below.

Energy Star label

Whatever design you choose, be sure to choose energy-saving appliances with Energy Star label. Most of newest appliances on the market are using this concept, these will controlling your monthly electric bill. If you are a person that interested to build a green kitchen concept, spend your money for energy-saving appliances, good investment for better future.

Work triangle

Most kitchen remodeling designs rely on work triangle concept. A nice kitchen triangle based on the arrangement of the oven, refrigerator and sink, a combination will make activities become easier and faster. In this matter, you have to plan your kitchen design carefully.

Most kitchen remodeling designs are intended for family lifestyle. So, pick a design that reflects your family lifestyle. Avoid something that only purpose as decorative without a function, especially for small kitchens.

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