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Before you are going to build or remodel kitchen space, spend more time to read references on the internet. There are many ideas you can get, especially if you spend more time to see inspiring kitchen photo gallery. Based on references, kitchen is suitable in any style. There are several popular options among homeowners.

kitchen photo gallery

Contemporary style

More and more homeowners are falling in love with contemporary kitchen. Be careful when making cabinet selection, birch cabinets become nice choice. Choose cabinets with details such as wrought iron pulls, forges, lines, art glass and geometric forms.

kitchen photo gallery

Modern style

This option is famous for minimalist cabinet detail and sleek lines concept. There are four materials often used to build modern kitchen: frosted glass, granite, marble and stainless steel. Several popular colors often used are black and white, yellow, blues or reds. Popular choices for countertops are manufactured stones, glass, stainless steel and granite.

kitchen photo gallery

Country style

This option is available in several styles such as the French, the English and the American. More and more people choosing country style as able to create comfortable environment. Muted hues and earth tones become popular choices. If you see the country kitchen photo gallery, there are several important features such as barn boards, pine paneling and exposed beams.

kitchen photo gallery

Traditional style

Traditional style splits into several styles and one of them is American style which has a more formal appearance and architectural details such as raised wood paneling, crown moldings and deep colors. If compared to the country style, traditional styles dominated with oak cabinets, wicker baskets and dark stains. Take a look to traditional kitchen photo gallery for more ideas.

kitchen photo gallery

Old world style

More and more people get attracted to old world kitchen style that famous for a worn look. Distress technique and antiqued finishes become common elements in this style. Floors and countertops use natural materials. Feel curious? Take a look to old world kitchen photo gallery.

kitchen photo gallery

Tuscan style

This style is a close relative of the old world kitchen. Tuscan comes from Italian kitchen style, famous for Mediterranean architecture. The color schemes are unique, furniture are made of wrought iron or wood. For more ideas, you must see Tuscan kitchen photo gallery.

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