Popular Kitchen Designs Selected By Homeowners

The size and shape of the kitchen help creating a nice kitchen design. There are many problems often showing up, such as small kitchens need more light to avoid a narrow look. Getting ideas to set up a plan isn’t difficult as there are many resources such as books, magazines, articles on the internet. Several components often found at kitchen designs, such as:

kitchen designs

Mix colors

Using one color and stain create a drab look.  Dark cherry cabinets using one stain is less attractive, avoid this matter by mixing attractive colors and stains. Install white and black cabinets in different combinations. Don’t hesitate to mix colors and stains, create a perfect combination.

kitchen designs

Upper walls

Upper walls must get sufficient light, besides installing light fixtures, consider installing light-cabinets and combine with darker cabinets as the base cabinets. Several new kitchen designs have no upper cabinets, you can consider it too as open space on upper walls makes the kitchen space seem spacious. Install larger base cabinets to store food supplies, pans, pots and dishes.

kitchen designs

Island plus stools

A central island bar in the middle of kitchen gives a positive value. Create a social gathering spot by placing several stools around the island. This feature will serve for different purposes, such as prep area, eating area or a hangout area. More and more homeowners transform island as the focal point of the kitchen.

kitchen designs

Quality materials

Most of kitchen designs are using quality materials which able to increase the value. Quality materials not always expensive, several are cheap and affordable.

What are the best kitchen designs often chosen by homeowners? Based on several cases, contemporary, country, modern and old world style often attracting many people. Contemporary style is famous for latest trends while modern style offers sleek and clean lines. Country style offers rural atmosphere with rustic touch and old world style offers different atmosphere in certain era.

Nowadays, more and more kitchen designs gaining high popularity. Don’t decide a choice too soon, please consider the size and shape of your kitchen.

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