Popular Kitchen Design Trends 2015

Are you looking for kitchen design trends 2015? The kitchen industry leaders and designers come together to Las Vegas every year to showcase the latest trends in design. This year many of the ideas were very similar to the previous year. There are also some new trends to help homeowners doing cooking activities.

Vibrant colors

kitchen design trends 2015

Bold and vibrant colors are still dominated the kitchen space just like the previous year. However, this year the emphasis is a little bit different. The designers try balancing the brightness with neutral, light tones and accent features such as flowers or curtains to unify in one color theme.

A Highlight on the island

kitchen design trends 2015

Designers were focused on industrial lighting in the past year, but now the trend is focusing on the center island. This time designers want to make the island looks more stylish and not only be functional. It now becomes a nice spot to enjoy meals and socializing.


kitchen design trends 2015

Kitchen design trends 2015 offer more efficiency and emphasis on functionality. In this case, designers rely on pull out shelves and drawers to maximize efficiency. So homeowners don’t have to bending and stooping for rarely-used items.

Porcelain tiles

kitchen design trends 2015

Do you want new flooring? Think porcelain tiles! It is a perfect choice for homeowners on a budget and famous for its durability. This tile is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It’s an affordable material that able to bring a luxury touch.

Smart appliances

kitchen design trends 2015

Kitchen technologies are moving so fast. Nowadays, some appliances using a new technology to know what homeowners want. For example, smart refrigerator with ability to make a list of recipes and meal options. A small mini fridge installed in the island or under a counter is a new hot trend, especially for storing beverages and snacks.

There are so many kitchen design trends 2015, one of them is using an in-drawer charging station for your devices. Kitchen design with a streamlined, clean and clear look also becomes a trend that always persist.

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