Popular Ideas For Kitchen Counter Tops

A kitchen will less attractive and functional without a countertop. There are many options available on the market, made of different materials. High quality materials have higher prices, so choose the one within your budget. Let’s learn more about kitchen counter tops and all available ideas.

Popular choices

granite kitchen counter tops ideas

There are so many materials, some of them are popular choices, including granite. Professionals recommend granite as the best material to handle the heat from hot pots and pans. Granite is highly durable, available in a variety of patterns and colors. However, its price is not cheap, it can be more expensive depends on durability, patterns and colors.

silestone kitchen counter tops ideas

People on budget should consider cheap options. Although you may find discount kitchen countertops at a home improvement store, the granite still expensive. Choose silestone as the alternative, cheaper than granite, but resistant to scratching and porous. This material made from quartz, famous as one of the hardest minerals on earth.

ceramic kitchen counter tops ideas

Kitchen counter tops made of ceramic tile also become a popular option lately, one of cheap ideas that easily install it. The big problem is the grout, may need regular cleaning, but professionals recommend darker colors or seal the grout to prevent mold growth.

Alternative options

laminate kitchen counter tops ideas

Are you looking for alternative options? Laminate can be a good one, comes in 250 different colors, even resemble to other materials such as stone and wood. Behind the beauty of laminate, this material is prone to heat and scratch, easily get damaged. The positive sides, it resistant to stains and easy to clean.

butcher block kitchen counter tops ideas

Commercial kitchen will look perfect with stainless steel countertops. The best material with little maintenance, but it is really popular with a lot of beneficial advantages such as anti-bacterial and heat resistant. Many people choose it for common use, combined with hardwood floors and wood cabinets. Besides laminate and stainless steel, consider butcher block countertops too! The kitchen counter tops already popular since the 1880s and a part of country ideas.

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