Popular Granite Colors For Kitchen

Don’t forget to include color aspect when looking granite ideas for kitchen. Nowadays, granite become one of the most popular materials for kitchen decor, usually made for countertop, flooring, backsplash, sink and stove surround. As the best material, granite available is in a variety of attractive colors. Here is the list of standard and popular granite colors.

Azul Granite

granite colors

It’s also known as blue granite and there is blue color inside the granite stone if you look closer. The name of the stone is different and depends on the country of origin. Nowadays, this blue granite has a nice combination with other colors such as white, rose, brown, gray and black.

Black granite

granite colors

This is also one of standard granite colors and available in different variations, start from absolute black to black granite with flecks of minerals such as mica. Black granite also gets a nice combination with rose and white. This granite is mostly mined in Australia, India, South Africa and Sweden.

White Granite

granite colors

This granite is the most wanted by homeowners who want to build white kitchens. White granite is mostly mined in Brazil, Italy and China. Not only pure white, several manufacturers combine it in many other colors, but white color still dominating. It’s one of the most popular granite colors.

Green Granite

granite colors

Well, this granite is easy to find and available all over the world. Many manufacturers combine green granite with other colors such as brown, gold, white, blue, rose and even black. So, what is your favorite? You can choose between the original or mixing color.

There are many available options when talking colors, whether standard or popular. However, there are only three standard categories of granite colors.

Rich colors

Bring a sense of luxury into the kitchen by choosing a rich, deep color of granite. Consider black granites with flecks of green and gold or pick burgundy granite as alternative.

Vibrant colors

These granite colors are such as red, rose, green and blue. Rose granite is the rarest one, a nice choice to bring a romantic feel to a kitchen.

Muted colors

There are many variations such as grey, gold, beige and white. The most popular granite colors between them are gold and beige.

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