Popular Colors for Kitchen

Many ways can be done by homeowners to renew their kitchens and the simple thing is painting the walls/cabinet with new color. Since colors available in many options, please don’t make a wrong decision. So, what kind of color is the best choice for kitchen? There are four options you can consider!


best kitchen colors

This is a cool color that helps bring serenity, give a nice effect to make the room appear larger. Professionals recommend green as a nice choice for kitchen because able to boost mood and bring new ideas. Some brands offer green in various options just like the color of veggies and fruits, such as: spinach, broccoli, avocados and pears.


best kitchen colors

This is one of the best kitchen colors, a nice choice to increase appetite. However, not all reds can give a good effect. For example, bold shades of red are a bad choice for small room, but these are a good choice for large kitchen because warm and inviting. If you want to create an accent wall, use calmer red variations such as raspberry and pomegranate.


best kitchen colors

This color will automatically make guests and family members feel welcomed. Yellow works well to various colors. If your walls are white, place lemon yellow cabinets and install pastel yellow backsplash to create a perfect complement. This color creates a nice effect, able to boost the metabolism.


best kitchen colors

If you are looking for a color that able to give a soothing effect, blue is a nice solution. Homeowners recommend this color as represents cleanliness and sanitation. Motivate you subconsciously to keep the kitchen space look tidy. Blues available in various shades, such as periwinkle, sky blue and light blue, they are the best colors for wall.

Here are useful tips to pick a color for kitchen

1. Check over the color of cabinets. Take adjustment to all elements in the kitchen.

2. Match the wall tiles and floor. Take inspiration from the tiles that dominate the room.

3. Not an easy case to pick a color, use mood to narrow down your option.

4. Choose a wall color that works fine with a border.

5. Consider light color first.

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