How To Plan An Interactive Kitchen Design

How to create an interactive kitchen design? All homeowners in this world want to have interactive kitchen designs, not only offer a beauty look, but also a functional work space. Build an interactive kitchen design based on desire need to pay attention several things to get a nice result. Let’s learning together about it!

interactive kitchen design

Online planning tool

Since you are going make your own design, use an online planning tool on the internet. Some applications require download and installation to your computer, but some are ready to use directly on the web. Choose a program that you like the most, especially easy to use for a beginner.

plumbing interactive kitchen design

Basic shape

Use the program to select basic shape of your kitchen. In this matter you need to measure the walls and input the data into the program. A basic layout of your kitchen will appear on the screen.

Doors & windows

When drawing your layout, add important elements such as doors and windows for interactive kitchen design. Spend a time to measure the width and height of the existing doors and windows in your kitchen. You need alter the plan accordingly if you considering remove or add doors and windows.

basic shape interactive kitchen design

Plumbing & outlets

Besides doors and windows, you must include power outlets and plumbing fixtures into your kitchen drawing. For an effective layout, you have to measure the distance from the wall to the fixture. In this case, everything must fit to your desire so every installed feature later can work properly.


For an interactive kitchen design, you must select cabinets that fit space. So many things you need to consider such as the placement, the depth and height of the cabinets. Some online planning tools have a lot of cabinet choices, so pick the one based on basic need and desire.

appliances interactive kitchen design


Be careful when selecting appliances, they must support your plan well and consider also the placement of each appliance, must near power outlets.

Play with colors

Dare to play with colors if you want to create an interactive kitchen design. Do not hesitate to add decorative elements into the kitchen, change the cabinet color and the floor color if possible. Print your drawing and go make it happen.

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