Pictures Of Remodeling Small Kitchen Can Give Ideas

There are many ideas of remodeling small kitchen. Homeowners can apply all ideas depend on budget. What are they? You must look at these inspiring pictures below!

Remove the door

remodeling small kitchen ideas pictures

Kitchen is a social place, not only as place to cook. In this case, the door is an optional and it can be removed if you want. Widening the doorway is a good way to make the kitchen appear spacious and connected to other room of the house.

Besides widening the doorway, consider widening the windows. Try installing larger or taller windows so natural lighting will come easily. Pay attention to window treatments too. If possible, try raising the ceiling.

Light colors & tiles

remodeling small kitchen ideas pictures

Don’t make small kitchen have a cramped and busy look, one of remodeling small kitchen ideas is to use light-colored decorating materials. You may take a look sample pictures on the Internet. If you want to use tiles as flooring or backsplash, avoid large tiles!

Furniture & appliances

remodeling small kitchen ideas pictures

Consider choosing furniture and appliances in small size. For example, choose a slim, but tall refrigerator. Consider having a wall oven installed instead of a free-standing oven to save more valuable floor space. Another thing can be done is having the stovetop set installed into the countertop. If you want to put a table and chairs, please rethink again. Better design a countertop complete with several stools can slide under it.


remodeling small kitchen ideas pictures

Since the small kitchen has extremely limited space, make sure to provide enough storage. Put small appliances and infrequently used items into the cabinet to create a nice and clean appearance. If there are useless items, throw them away to the garbage. Don’t let your small kitchen chock-full with useless items and trash bag.

Lighting system

remodeling small kitchen ideas pictures

Besides paying attention to natural lighting, please do the same thing to lighting system. Many ideas you can apply such as overhead panel lighting, hang pendant lighting over kitchen island and install under-cabinet lighting.

Many remodeling small kitchen ideas can be applied, make everything become easier by taking a look all pictures in this article.

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