Complete Picture Of Finished Kitchens As Reference

People will get bored after years using their kitchens. Moving to a new house or apartment is a silly solution. Start a kitchen remodel project is more recommended. Thanks to internet, many ideas and references give an inspiration. Some expert and newbie designers look at the example of finished kitchens to add knowledge, you can do the same thing too!

Window treatments

window treatment finished kitchens

In finished kitchens, you have to take notice all around, including window treatments. A new one will freshen up a kitchen instantly! Window treatments available in a variety of options, choose a washable fabric if the window near a sink or where it may get food stains. Choose aluminium or timber venetian blinds to allow more light come inside the kitchen.


paint finished kitchens

Are you looking for an economical dan fast update? Don’t forget to include paint. Remove old paint with something new will create a different atmosphere, not only for the walls and ceilings, but cabinets and floors. Paint get a lot of new innovations, more options are available, better ask some advice before choosing one.


cupboard finished kitchens

In some finished kitchens that you see on the internet, the cupboards get some updates to look like new. Many things designers do, such as apply a new paint, replace hardware and doors. Many homeowners love those ideas instead of buying a new cupboard. However, make sure the old cupboard in a good condition before receiving any update.


benchtops finished kitchens

The most popular choices are composite, stone and solid wood benchtops. Are looking for the best materials? Consider quality composites such as Corian or solid timber, marble and granite. Choose stainless steel or bright laminate for an industrial feel.


lighting finished kitchens

Don’t forget about kitchen lighting, whether natural or electrical. Lighting systems must be able to brighten up the kitchen without being too glare. Add extra windows or install skylight to get natural lighting during the day.


splashback finished kitchens

Some people called it backsplash. There are many popular materials. Finished kitchens with modern touch rely on stainless-steel meanwhile the most common choice is ceramic and porcelain tiles.


tapware finished kitchens

Although small sized, tapware is a minor focal point that creates a big impact. Replace the old one, choose modern the one made of high technology that can control monthly water bills. In many finished kitchens, the tapware follows design and concept of the room.

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