The Photos Of Before After Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, cabinets are one of the most important furniture in any kitchen designs. Manufacturers sell kitchen cabinets in various prices, based on the main material, design, style, etc.

before after kitchen cabinets

When starting a kitchen remodeling project, several homeowners want to replace their old cabinets with something new, but the price factor always become a problem. The cheapest way is updating existing one. You can take a look the photos of ‘before after kitchen cabinets’ on the Internet as a reference.

Hardwarebefore after kitchen cabinets

The first thing can be done is replacing old hardware with something new. Several manufacturers produce cabinet hardware in different styles. You can replace the knobs, hinges, pulls, doors, etc and install new ones. Choose hardware with the same style of your current kitchen condition.

Paint the doors

before after kitchen cabinets

Since replacing cabinet doors can deplete your savings, there is a simple thing you can do. Paint the doors, only the doors! You are free to do something with them, whether apply a contrast color or something that blends well. There are many things can be done to the doors besides using paint, the possibilities are limitless such as using a stencil to decorate the doors. Don’t you have any ideas? Take a look the photos of before after kitchen cabinets on the internet.

Paint the cabinets

before after kitchen cabinets

If painting the doors is not a good solution, try painting the cabinets. Choose a color fits to kitchen condition. Before doing this trick, sand and prime the cabinets. Another solution is covering the cabinets with wallpaper.

Replace the doors

before after kitchen cabinets

Another trick can be done is replacing old doors with something new! Several well-known manufacturers produce cabinet doors in various options, homeowners can replace old doors based on a certain style. Before doing this, measure existing doors and bring a sample door to the store.

before after kitchen cabinets

There are many ideas can be done to old cabinets. The most important is finding references and a free time to look ‘before after kitchen cabinets’ on the internet. Replacing hardware, door, paint the door and cabinet are affordable ideas you can do.

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