Photo Gallery of Kitchen Designs to Gain Ideas

Do you want to build a new kitchen? There are many themes and ideas ready to apply, choose the best one will be a hard task. However, looking at the photo gallery of kitchen designs is the best way to narrow down your option.


kitchen designs photo gallery

To build this kitchen styles, use rich colors such as purples, reds, browns and greens. Increase the look of walls by applying a texture. Use stone floors and complete the look by choosing wrought iron cooking utensils. Prepare granite or stone countertops and wood cabinets.


kitchen designs photo gallery

Nowadays, photo gallery of modern kitchen designs can be easily found on the internet. This style is famous for dark wood cabinets to get a complete look. Marble or granite countertops can be a good match. Use mosaic or subway tiles to make modern backsplash. Fill up the room with stainless steel appliances.


kitchen designs photo gallery

This kitchen style offers a rustic look. First, choose oak cabinet in medium tone and pair it with solid-surface countertops in neutral color. Meanwhile, install a large farm sink and place a rough-hewn table. Don’t forget to apply country colors such as navy, dark yellow, dark green or dusty blue.


kitchen designs photo gallery

A unique style that comes from Italia, offers something different from the others. To build a Tuscany style, be focused on natural light colors and avoid dark colors. Tuscan famous for rustic touches such as rough natural stone tiles, distressed wood cabinets, old-fashioned faucets and sinks. Increase the look by using certain repeating motifs such as garlic cloves, olives and grapes.


kitchen designs photo gallery

At the first look, contemporary is similar to modern style, but it offers a sleek and minimalist design. This style tries to focus on asymmetry and horizontal lines, less decorative stuff. Just like modern style, contemporary kitchen relies on stainless steel appliances. If you take a look at the photo gallery of kitchen designs, the style uses man-made materials such as glass and laminate.


kitchen designs photo gallery

This style is totally different from country or farm. Most traditional kitchens are using wood, stone and other natural materials meanwhile cabinets are made of mahogany, walnut, or cherry. One of the most popular traditional styles is Victorian kitchen.

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