Perfect Ideas for All Kitchens

In the world of decor, there are many ways to get a nice kitchen design. Several images on the Internet and articles on magazines have a lot of amazing ideas. Build a kitchen from a scratch must pay attention to several important elements. Here are several useful ideas for kitchens!

1. Lighting

ideas for kitchens

A nice kitchen design must meet several requirements, one of them is lighting, whether natural or artificial. The most important is natural lighting that come from the outside or sunlight, this is really important to illuminate kitchen during the day in order to save electricity. Install or widen the windows, if there is not enough room for window, consider skylight as alternative.

If you want to work in the kitchen during the night, install proper lighting system that able to illuminate work space. Several areas in the kitchen, such as countertops, range and sink need a light and choose task lighting system is a good solution.

2. Countertops and cabinets

ideas for kitchens

Two important furnishings must be available in the kitchen; countertops and cabinets. Choosing both furnishing is not an easy job as there are many considerations, start from texture, color, style, size and material. Pick countertops and cabinets that fit well to kitchen condition.

If you want to make a long-term investment, consider material factor. Marble and granite countertops can be a nice choice meanwhile cabinets may adjust to your kitchen style and countertop you use.

3. Floor

ideas for kitchens

This element plays important role and there are two available options, hardwood or laminated floors and tiles/stones. Sometime, homeowners choose flooring based on preference or kitchen style. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular choice, take both of them as alternative options.

ideas for kitchens

There is another idea must be taken into the count, layout!

1. U-shaped layout. This is a nice choice for a small kitchen and helps bring convenient feel.

2. L-shaped layout. This is the best choice to create a lot of free space, so homeowner can move freely.

3. Corridor layout. The last one fits to a narrow kitchen and sometime called as a galley kitchen, one wall for cooking and cleaning and the other for storage.

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