How to Paint a Small Kitchen in a Light Color?

Homeowners with small kitchens often complain the limited space they have. However, a small kitchen is not an obstacle to get a nice interior design. Maximize the small kitchen is not an impossible thing to do, there are many things can be done and one of them is changing the paint color.

small kitchen

Color plays important role in design, choosing wrong color can make a bad impact and the room appears smaller. Before applying a paint color to the small kitchen, find a color that works well with room condition. How to paint a small kitchen?

small kitchen

1. Since a paint color is a part of 4 points to make small kitchen design, you should be careful when making a choice. Creating a spacious kitchen is not difficult if always sticks to pastel or pale shades. In this case, this is not mean only sticking to feminine shades because homeowners can apply different shades that emit a masculine or cooler feel.

2. Lighter shades are the best choice for small kitchen. Several options to choose are dusty blue, warm Cappucino or magnolia. These are a good choice since able to blend well to neutral colors.

3. Use a monochromatic color scheme to brighten up the small kitchen. This leads the space appear more spacious. Choose yellows, ambers or color that came from the same color family.

small kitchen

4. Nothing impossible to create a feeling of openness, all the things you can do is choosing the same color for the walls of kitchen and the adjoining rooms to improve the flow of your home. In this case, you need to watch carefully the chosen color, make sure it doesn’t contrast to the walls of adjoining rooms.

5. The last, try to combine a contrasting color detail with a neutral color scheme.

Those are five steps to paint a small kitchen. Color plays important role for small space, it helps maximize the room and create a spacious effect. So, what is your option? Find more references or see images from internet about how to use colors to brighten up small kitchen.

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