Three Options of Kitchen Curtain

Every kitchen has windows and this element need special treatment. As a part of decor, windows need curtains in order to complete the decor. Finding kitchen curtains is not difficult as many stores sell various collections. Some people love to make a curtain by their own hands using patchwork.


Choosing a curtain for kitchen is not easy, but not too difficult as homeowner must adjust to existing kitchen elements. Consider a curtain that in tune to a tablecloth in order to create a balanced appearance. In order to avoid an overwhelming look, do not pick a bold and bright pattern curtain.

Here are three options of kitchen curtain you can pick out.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe Curtains

Are you looking for something popular? Consider a cafe curtains! These can be a good option as bring more light come inside while protecting privacy. Cafe curtains become popular choice as they cover the bottom half part of the window.

Some people often pair these kitchen curtains with valance at the top part of the window. The best part, cafe curtains are available in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. So, people will be easier to find something that based on tastes. Cafe curtain also work well with rods, but choose rods with a finish that matches the existing finishes in the kitchen.

Customized Roman Shades

Roman Shades

A good option for windows in your kitchen is Roman shades. This option is easy to use, homeowner only need to pull up the curtain to allow the light comes inside and pull down the curtain for privacy. Roman shades are available in various options, start from plain to customizable. Choose the one that can meet your tastes.

Tea towels

Tea towel

If you are looking for an alternative curtain idea, consider tea towels as you can find them in various options and can fit to kitchen themes. Try soaked the tea towels in tea first to gain an aged look.

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