5 Notable Elements of Custom Kitchen Designs

Not a simple job to build a custom kitchen because it takes a lot of planning to get a spectacular result. There are so many custom kitchen designs available out there, get more references and inspiration by reading home decorating magazines or visit showrooms, whether online or offline. Since building a custom kitchen is not an easy job, please work together with an experienced professional to avoid unwanted things.

custom kitchen designs

1. First, decide a style and color scheme. Use light wood and stainless steel to build a contemporary kitchen. Use mahogany cabinetry with darker tones to build a more traditional look. Use a combination of white and black to create a classic kitchen.

2. Most of custom kitchen designs have the best measurement and in this case, you have to measure the space of your kitchen perfectly. Draw the kitchen to scale on a graph paper. Do the same thing to doorways and windows. If you don’t want to waste more money when doing a total kitchen renovation, make sure to put the sinks and appliances in the same general spot, especially where the electrical lines and plumbing lines are installed.

custom kitchen designs

3. Custom kitchen designs must have custom cabinetry and hire a professional to give advice about it and appliances selection. Choosing custom cabinetry is not easy because you have to pay attention to the style and color too. When talking about appliance choices, choose the ones built with double function.

4. When selecting a kitchen countertop, please do a little research about the materials, especially the benefits and features. Natural wood can be a nice choice, but it requires a lot of care. If you are looking for durable material that easy to care for, consider engineered quartz, solid surfaces and granite. Do you want extra work space? Consider to install a kitchen island.

5. Meanwhile for flooring, consult with contractor to ask a recommendation. There are so many available choices, start ceramic tile, wood flooring and bamboo floors. Most of custom kitchen designs use one of them.

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