My Kitchen Rules as the Australian Cooking Competition

There are many cooking competitions broadcast by famous TV network and one of them is my kitchen rules. This TV show is totally different with Hell’s kitchen and the format doesn’t have any similarity. The first series was aired on the Seven Network since 2010 until now and receive high applause from Australian viewers.

my kitchen rules

This is a famous cooking competition in Australia. All contestants divide into two groups, which each group has five teams consist of two contestants. The contestants come from all places in Australia such as Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and New South Wales.

The competition is led by reputable judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. There are also guest judges who are ready to give their critics in Sudden Death cook-offs, such as: Karen Martini, Guy Grossi, Colin Fassnidge and Liz Egan.

Now, my kitchen rules enter its 4th series and the format isn’t the same as the 1st series. There are a lot of changes. On the 1st series, this competition used a sudden death format. Two groups must serve a three-course meal. The losing team must accept a consequence because they were immediately eliminated from the competition.

The new format is called as an instant restaurant round. Just like in the 1st series, the contestants divide into two groups, which each group has five teams consist of two contestants. However, in the 4th series, there are three additional teams called as gatecrasher. They entered the show right after the instant restaurant round of Group two and make the competition became tighter.

For the latest series, each episode tells about one team’s day of cooking, start from preparing instant restaurant and serving a three-course dinner (appetizer, main, and dessert) for the judges and opposing teams too. Teams can start to cook before the judges and other teams arrive, given time about three hours to dish up.

The other teams must rate all three meals out of ten and meanwhile, the judges separately must rate three meals out of ten. The team with the lowest score will have a higher chance of elimination. If you love culinary, never miss to watch my kitchen rules!

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