The Most Popular Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Do you have a plan to build a modern kitchen? Don’t run a project before reading some news as there are several modern kitchen design trends you need to know.

New style

modern kitchen design trends

Nowadays, most homeowners are starting to consider a more welcoming and warm look. A new kitchen style has born, a merge of traditional and modern elements. This style mixes different materials, textures and colors. Some designers even use contrasting materials such as marble with stainless steel or timber with marble and mirror together on the island. Chrome handles are starting replaced by brushed nickel, pewter and bronze.


modern kitchen design trends

Open shelving is one of the modern kitchen design trends. Homeowners can use it to display precious knick-knacks, interesting collections or cookbooks. Try to customize open shelving to make the kitchen space feel welcoming and alive without decreasing its functionality.

Imperfect materials

modern kitchen design trends

Textured and imperfect materials such as engineered stones, granites and the ones imitate raw finishes are popular choice for the modern traditional style, they are easy to maintain too. Meanwhile the most popular countertops are materials with textured finishes and slight imperfections. Choose textured timber finishes for adding an extra dimension to the kitchen space.


modern kitchen design trends

Vibrant colors mixed with subtle tones such as purples, pinks or jades could create an artistic look. Using wallpaper as an alternative, is one of modern kitchen design trends you should consider. It can balance other materials in the kitchen by choosing the right wallpaper, which is also giving additional texture and contrast.


modern kitchen design trends

Take a time investigating new kitchen technologies. Modern kitchen can change dramatically, not only appliances, but other elements too such as shelving and cabinet hardware. Before planning kitchen renovation, take a time looking for useful innovations. Check websites that allow you to develop ideas, for example Houzz and Pinterest. There are thousands of photo that may appeal and enrich your ideas.

There are so many modern kitchen design trends that you can apply for a different atmosphere. Choose the one you love the most without spend a lot of money.

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