The Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Building your own kitchen could be an exciting experience. You would find yourself in awe with all the kitchen trends and designs that are presently available. Dozens of the beautiful designs and concepts could make you lost in the jungle and unable to make a quick decision. So, take your time to look at the most popular kitchen designs.


most popular kitchen designs

This type of kitchen design is very popular among homeowners and known for its simplicity without ignoring functionality. Contemporary is basically presented and designed as a stylish and sleek kitchen. It will remind you with a minimalist look. This type of kitchen layout gives much emphasis on uncomplicated elements. A contemporary kitchen is more relying on basic furnishings such as frameless cabinets made of wood or stainless steel. The colors that always dominated are very bright, bold and dark hues. Man-made countertops on the contemporary kitchens able to present warm atmosphere. Complete the look with shiny metals such as stainless steel or brass.


traditional most popular kitchen designs

It’s one of the most popular kitchen designs, a nice choice for people who prefer a more conventional look. It also reveals a more classic look because carrying elements from 18th and 20th century. Unlike other types, traditional kitchens has a number of elements for ornamentation such as panels, railings, wood moldings and trimmings. The cabinets for this type of kitchen layout are made of stained hardwood such as cherry or mahogany with shades that vary from dark brown to reddish. The cabinet doors using handles that are made of metals such as antique chrome, pewter, brass and bronze.


most popular kitchen designs

This type of kitchen design exudes a cozy and warm atmosphere. Country is one of the best designs for kitchen, which reflects more of a cheerful and bright feel. It often dominated by wood furnishings with natural finish or painted in bright colors. The classic floral patterns would go well with the cabinet doors and walls. Meanwhile, the floors for kitchen are made out of wooden planks that given a smooth finish.

Contemporary, traditional and country are the most popular kitchen designs. There is also an additional style called as Transitional, which uses elements from the different kitchen styles. So, what is your choice?

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