The Most Popular Kitchen Design Colors In 2012

Every year kitchen design trends are changing, so does with the color. What are the most popular colors in 2012? Well, there are many kitchen design colors gained high popularity in 2012, such as:

Optimistic colors

sunny yellow kitchen design colors 2012

Color can boost mood, kitchen is an important room to start a day. Many homeowners apply optimistic colors to boost their moods while eating breakfast. Bright, bold colors reflect optimism, re-energize hearts and minds to do better. Paint a sunny yellow to the kitchen walls become a nice solution. Bright yellow kitchen paired with white cabinets bring a great passion atmosphere. Tangerine orange become a great alternative besides sunny yellow.


white kitchen design colors 2012

This is one of the most popular kitchen design colors in 2012. Many homeowners using white as the primary color and combine it with other colors for appliances and furniture. Several people take white as the secondary color since maintaining white kitchen is a hard to do. White color has received latest technology, makes it easy to clean.

Natural colors

green kitchen design colors 2012

More and more homeowners want to bring a nature atmosphere into the kitchen. They use greens, wheat gold, oceanic blue and colors that represent a part of nature. Natural colors work well in any kitchen design, especially country and rustic styles. Use one color to cover the walls and use the others as an accent. There are many kitchen design color schemes such as cream and khaki. Both color always fit well to any design, able to bring warmer feeling in the kitchen.

Color combination

blue grey kitchen design colors 2012

A color combination becomes a nice solution for any kitchen design. Many homeowners use light grey and blue to bring a livelier atmosphere. Black and white are popular kitchen design colors in 2012, many homeowners create a combination of these colors. Black and white kitchens perfectly match with stainless steel appliances.

Optimistic colors, white, natural colors and combinations are the most popular kitchen design colors in 2012. Choose the one can meet your kitchen space without sacrifice anything. Be a selective person when choosing a color since it can gives a big impact.

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