The Most Durable Kitchen Floors You Can Pick

Floor in the kitchen is an area prone to something bad such as drink and food spills, dropped pans and pots, heat or shattered dishes. Since kitchen is a high-traffic area in your home, no wonder if floor is prone to damage. Don’t waste your money buying cheap and bad kitchen floors. Spend more time looking for references because there are so many options out there, offer high durability without rule out the style you desire.

kitchen floors

Here are the most durable kitchen floors you can pick and install.


Kitchen tiles are available in different types, offering a huge of styles and patterns. However, the most durable tiles are porcelain and ceramic, both are low-maintenance too.

kitchen floors

Home designers suggest ceramic or porcelain since these kitchen floors are high resistance to scratches, heat, stains and spills. No need special treatment to maintain the looks. Their surfaces can be cleaned up with a damp mop.

Since both of them are the best tiles, you will be difficult to choose. Several designers more recommend porcelain than ceramic as this tile will hide chips better.


kitchen floors

This is one of the most durable kitchen floors and famous for its inexpensive price. If compared to vinyl flooring, linoleum is thicker able to resists tears better. The maintenance is easy, maintain its appearance by polished. Use creativity to create a unique appearance, this flooring can be cut into custom designs and patterns. The most important, this tile is easy to install.


kitchen floors

This is one of the best kitchen floors, not only offer high durability, but also an eco-friendly concept. This flooring offers huge advantages such as resists mold, absorbs noise and homeowner will feel comfort when standing for long periods of time. Maintain the floor is easy because all you need to do is occasional sealing.


kitchen floors

It’s one of the best kitchen floors you can pick. Laminate is famous for the look of hardwood, but it has a high durability. Do you know laminate countertop? This type is nothing if compared to laminate floors, harder than countertop, but easier to maintain. If you consider having hardwood flooring, better choose laminate. The cost is affordable, but it has the look of hardwood.

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