Moen Kitchen Faucets Review, a Good Reason to Choose Them

A kitchen faucet is an important feature and plays important role. There are so many available faucets in the market, but if you want to find which one is the best, consider Moen kitchen faucets.

moen kitchen faucets

Moen is a famous brand who produces high-quality faucets. Their products are made in neat designs and offer high durability. The most important, they offer a wide selection of single handle and double handle faucets, make customers easy to choose an item that match to desire.

Most popular collections of Moen have pulldown sprays, available in different of finishes such as sand color, glacier, copper, brushed chrome, brass and much more. Customers will be easier to find faucet that perfectly match to the kitchen sink.

Moen kitchen faucets are available in different styles; start from traditional, basic, modern and transitional. Choose faucet that go well with the theme of your kitchen. The installation process is easy because the instructions on the label are easy to follow without a professional’s help.

moen kitchen faucets

Moen offers wide range of products! They have 20 collections in different prices, from cheapest to the most expensive. The cheapest is sold around $30 and the most expensive is sold around $300. Extensa and Aberdeen are the most popular collections of Moen. Let’s talk these two collections!

1. Many features are offered by the Extensa line such as Hydrolock, aerated system, metallic look, solid lever handles. Most of Extensa line models have pull-out spouts and one-level handles, all of them are easy to install.

2. Aberdeen line offers classy designs. Most of these models have pull-down spouts and high arcs. The most excited, there is a pause button, a feature you can use to stop the water flow any time you want. If you are looking for 2-handle levers, Aberdeen line is the best choice. You can find products in a metallic look.

All Moen kitchen faucets offer high-quality and reliability, nice appeal without reduce functionality. Besides easy to install, most products are easy to maintain and use.

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