3 Models of Kitchen Aid Mixer You Can Pick

Are you looking for kitchen aid mixer, but don’t know what is the best mode? Choose the best mixer product depends on your primary purpose and what you are looking to do with it. Kitchen aid mixer offers some popular models such as Classic Series, 600 Professional Series and Artisan Series. Although each model can do the same thing, but they have different workloads.

kitchen aid mixer

1. Artisan Series

This model maybe is the most popular among the others. What kind of features offered by this model? A five quart bowl and a 325-Watt motor, a good product for a home-baker who loves to experiment to make cookies, cakes and bread dough.

However, this kitchen aid mixer model can only handle small quantity of dough. If you use beyond the normal capacity, it’s a bad way to harm the appliance. Once again, this model only made for home-bakers.

kitchen aid mixer

2. Classic Series

Looking for something classic? The classic series model is taken as the lowest grade since only has a 4 1/2 quart mixing bowl and a 250-Watt motor. However, this appliance works well help you out make cakes, cookies and dough.

This model is the lowest and you can’t use it for heavy workload. If you are someone who starts to bake or cook something, a beginner chef, this model is highly recommended. Actually, the classic series of kitchen aid mixer is a good choice for a classic decor and small space. You will be easier to hide them after use.

3. 600 Professional Series

This is the last model and ready for heavy workloads. This model has a six quart mixing bowl and a 575-Watt motor, help your cooking preparation become faster. Not only make dough of cakes or bread, meat grinding is a possible thing you can do. If you are looking for a mixer that helps you do numerous applications, this model is a nice choice.

Kitchen aid mixer has three great models, each model has different workloads. If your budget is low, consider classic series model. If you are a semi-pro or want semi-heavy workloads, consider artisan series.

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