4 Materials to Make the Best Kitchen Counters

Nowadays, kitchen counters have a special place in a certain decor style. They become an important element to complete the decor. If you want to have a counter in the kitchen, you must know which one is the best for your decor style.

kitchen counters

1. You can find kitchen counters made from natural stones such as granite, slate, marble and quartz. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.

a. Granite is a popular choice for the counter and it could bring an elegant feel. This material is durable and has a lot of features such as heat resistant and available in various patterns and colors. The disadvantages, it needs a regular maintenance, sealing and seaming to maintain its look.

b. Marble is a good choice to bring a luxury appearance. However, this material needs more maintenance to prevent any stains and it more porous than granite.

c. Slate is still new, but already gains huge popularity. This material is famous for non-porous feature, means, it won’t need sealing.

d. Quartz is a new material for kitchen counter. This material has a lot of advantages such as easy to maintain and clean.

2. Wood counters can be a good choice for a kitchen. These are made from hardwoods such as cherry, teak, maple and oak. Some homeowners decide to have wood counters because they are more resist to bacteria, no wonder these are include as one the most sanitary materials.

The disadvantages; wood kitchen counters need to be sanded and sealed well. In order to prevent water damage, odors and staining, cover the counters surface with mineral oil.

3. Counters made from solid-surface have a lot of advantages. This material resists to heat and stains; only needs a little maintenance. Solid surface counters are available in different options, whether styles, patterns and colors.

4. Kitchen counters made from engineered stone have a similar surface to quartz. They have non-porous, more durable and resist to stains, scratches and even heat. Engineered stone might be a good choice because it has more colors rather than natural stone, the maintenance is low and the price isn’t too expensive.

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