Manufacturers to Produce Pink Kitchen Appliances

Previously, there are many kitchen appliances prefer its purpose or usage and some manufacturers aren’t too concerned with its form. Refrigerators, stoves and cookware are kitchen appliances created just to offer its primary function regardless of design.

In fact, it can make a kitchen seem boring because there isn’t anything can draw attention. Homeowners crave a kitchen which able to take attention, not due to its design but appliances contained therein.

pink kitchen appliances

Pink kitchen appliances can make the room become more attractive. Pink is a bright color suitable to decorate kitchen and now there are many manufacturers make pink appliances as dominant color. Smeg is an Italian company produces kitchen appliances covered by a lot of color and one of them is pink.

pink kitchen appliances

Over the last few years, Smeg manages to attract attention of people and media because offers a refrigerator with many colors, one of them have a pink color. Fridge with various colors can give different views for kitchen and Smeg manages to do it. Not only offer a beautiful design and striking colors, this refrigerator is also famous for its energy-saving feature even though the selling price is very expensive, which around £1,000.

Besides refrigerator, Smeg produces many such kitchen appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine. This brand isn’t overlook to give different touch to draw attention. Yup, both products are available in pink. If you want to make a pink kitchen, don’t forget to complete cooking appliances collection with similar colors and Britannia Living offers what you need.

pink kitchen appliances

Britannia has many pink kitchen appliances collection suit your needs. Dualit also offers the same thing and it could be an alternative to find what you looking for. How about pink microwave? Hinari offers at a very affordable price for your wallet. It sells for around £90 and comes with a safety feature called child proof lock.

Pink is a unique color able to bring joy for kitchen. Not everyone really loves it. Alternative choice is red kitchen appliances because can improve mood to indulge kitchen activity.

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