How to Make Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets Looks Like New

Undoubtedly, natural maple kitchen cabinets become the most desired furniture by homeowners. Unparalleled beauty, kitchen decor becomes more complete and captivating. Nonetheless, the cabinets need regular maintenance to keep its beauty doesn’t fade out by time.

natural maple kitchen cabinets

Maple kitchen cabinets become an ideal choice for homeowners. The price is a little bit expensive, but able to add a value to kitchen decor. If you have limited budget, buy maple cabinets in secondhand condition. More affordable and simply refinishing for a new appearance!

1. Look for several newspapers and spread around the cabinet. Look for screwdriver to remove all the hardware from the kitchen cabinet. Some non-wood parts that unable to be removed. Therefore, use painter’s tape to cover.

2. Look for sander and put heavy sandpaper to sand the whole wood surface. Make sure the existing finish completely removed. Clean the surface from a layer of dust.

3. Put fine sandpaper on the sander, re-sand the wood surface, smooth the exposed wood and remove all dusts left behind.

4. Look paintbrush and use wood stain on the first section of the cabinet, you can start at the top.

5. Let the stain for a few minutes, grab rags to wipe it up. This method will be a stain soaked into the wood. Repeat this method on each section of the kitchen cabinet.

6. The next step is let the stain soak as a whole. This process takes 24 hours.

7. Cover cabinet surface with polyurethane and use a paintbrush. Don’t put too thick because gives a bad effect. Give smooth and thin layers. Cover the whole cabinet and brush polyurethane based on the direction of the wood grain.

8. Now, you have to wait polyurethane absorbing as a whole and take time for eight hours. Use extra-fine sandpaper to dull the shine of the polyurethane, you can lightly buff the polyurethane by hand and give a second coat of polyurethane, buff it and give a third coat of polyurethane. After that, re-install all cabinet hardware.

Natural maple kitchen cabinets will always look new if you take care of on a regular basis, including refinishing. The steps above become a solution for those who have limited budget and can’t afford to buy a new maple cabinet.

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