How to Make Cheap Cabinet Doors Look Expensive

Kitchen is a sacred place for many people and they want to have a beautiful kitchen. There are many ways to remodel the kitchen to look like new, but this activity needs a lot of cost, but at least already prepare the budget in the beginning. Kitchen remodel can be run at a small project, as a start just focus on the cabinets.


Yup, instead of buying new cabinets, remodel the look of existing cabinet is the best way to save money, where homeowner can relocate the fund to increase kitchen remodel budget. How to make the cabinets look like new?


Some experts recommend homeowners to replace the old color with the new one. That’s a smart idea, but it can’t give high satisfaction. So, what is the better idea? Pay attention to the kitchen cabinet doors! Replace them will give huge impact to the look of cabinets! Moreover, there are 4 styles of kitchen cabinet doors ready to pick.

Buy new cabinets can deplete your bank account. The new cabinet price ranges are about the tens of thousands of dollars. Replacing the cabinet doors may need a lot of cost too especially some are made of high quality materials.

High-quality cabinet doors can cost a lot based on glazes or special finishes, be wise when picking one. There are also manufacturers produce affordable cabinet doors and they can be a good alternative, in fact the quality is beyond expectation.


Buying something cheap doesn’t mean it looks twopenny-halfpenny. There are many ways to make affordable kitchen cabinet doors look grand. Replacing the old hardware on cabinet doors will give a major change. Since you are going to replace the doors then please do the same thing with the hardware too.

Hardware on cabinet doors includes hinges, handles, pulls and knobs. Buy all these new hardware can give a huge boost even though the cabinets using affordable doors. All these hardware available in different finishes and styles, ready to make the kitchen cabinets radiate a new light.

The conclusion:

There is nothing wrong choosing affordable cabinet doors. There is a way changing the entire cabinet look sumptuous, set aside a budget for new cabinet hardware. The key is to be creative!

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