Main Colors for Small Kitchen

Kitchens are not only serving as a place to cook anymore, several people modified their kitchens as a hangout place where they can enjoy food and beverage while having a conversation with others. This room has a lot of functions for family members, a mom may spend her days cooking delicious meals meanwhile kids and dad do their activities, whether working, playing game or reading.

small kitchen

Since kitchen can be a functional room, make sure the room looks spacious as always. In this case, pick a color that able to evoke or create a spacious look. Changing the paint color is the fastest way to bring new atmosphere to the room.

White color

small kitchen

A small kitchen will feel cramped and smaller if applied in dark colors. In this case, rather pick white color as it able to do the opposite. White is a nice choice because it works with different colors such as yellow, green, or blue, they pop-up the room to avoid a drab look without cut down an airy feeling.

Sienna color

small kitchen

This may be not one of popular colors for kitchen, but it able to give something different for the room. Sienna is a part of rich colors that work well as a focal point. It is a useful color, can be taken into rich or neutral category. In order to create a nice focal point, try painting the other three walls and the trims in a much lighter neutral such as light amber and one wall uses sienna color. This trick creates a nice attention to one wall only and the space looks spacious.


small kitchen

It is a nice color for small kitchen, not only create a spacious illusion, but it able to create a nice atmosphere. Nowadays, more and more homeowners using this color to cover their kitchen walls, but they more like a light green especially for small kitchen.

Those are the three colors that you can choose for small kitchen. Of course, there are still a lot of colors you can choose for small cooking area, but the three above are the best choice.

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