Complete List Of Free Virtual Kitchen Cabinet Design

Thanks to the development of technology, deciding a perfect kitchen cabinet design becomes easier and faster for beginner. Nowadays, many programs help create and determine the best cabinet design for kitchen. Virtual kitchen cabinet design available in two options: offline and online.

virtual kitchen cabinet design

Offline applications require download and installation to your computer. Meanwhile online applications are not, users can use the program without download and install to computer. Let’s learn how to use virtual kitchen cabinet design by online.

Decide your style

style virtual kitchen cabinet design

There are many available options, find more references by browsing many cabinet websites. Not an easy case to select a style, but consider the current design of your kitchen. For example, don’t pick a modern cabinet for a country kitchen.


measure virtual kitchen cabinet design

Before you begin to use a virtual kitchen cabinet design, spend a time to measure the floor and the walls of kitchen. Don’t forget do the same thing to doors and windows. Another thing you must measure is the distance between window or door and the wall.

Work triangle

application virtual kitchen cabinet design

Cabinet plays an important role to create efficient work zones. In this case, you have to consider important features in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, sink and stove. Measure all features to fit cabinet, including dishwasher and microwave.

Choose application

work triangle virtual kitchen cabinet design

There are many applications available on the Internet such as online planner from IKEA and Lowe’s. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the most popular application is IKEA. Users can decide kitchen cabinet based on the layouts such as Galley, L-shape, U-shape and Single line plus island. The advantage of IKEA application is a price estimate feature.

When compare with Lowe’s application, IKEA application is easy to use, there is a step-by-step planning for beginner. Lowe’s program is a little hard to follow. There is alternative program made by Merillat, offers a complete guide. These applications are free to use. If you are looking for other free virtual kitchen cabinet design, consider Plan 3D Online Kitchen Design Tool and Distinctions Cabinetry Online Design Tool.

kitchen cabinet design.

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