4 Lighting Ideas Work Properly in a Kitchen

Lighting system is an important element for a kitchen. In order to work properly, install a good lighting system such as task lighting or overhead lighting. There are a lot of kitchen lighting ideas, they not only offer a basic function to illuminate the whole space, but also work as a part of decor.

kitchen lighting ideas

If you want start remodel a kitchen, consider lighting systems in this article. Whether artificial lights or natural light?

1. Suspended lighting such as pendants and chandeliers will state an elegant feeling. You can hang them in specific areas of the kitchen to create an efficient lighting. For instance, you can hang pendants over the breakfast bar or kitchen island. It will increase home value!

Nowadays, find suspended lighting fixtures are totally easy. They are adjustable in length and suitable with the needs of the homeowner to create a direct task lighting or elegant ambiance.

2. Recessed lighting can be a good choice for a kitchen. This is one of kitchen lighting ideas that almost invisible. The lights are hidden into the ceiling, but able to illuminate the whole space as needed. You can find this lighting system in many options, either a soft or strong illumination. The most amazing, this lighting system can be angled to highlight to certain area or spot and work also as task lighting.

3. Sometimes, the overhead lighting is unable to reach the counter below the upper cabinets. Solve this problem by installing under-cabinet lights, they are practical to create task lighting and eliminate shadowed counter areas or dark corner. You can find them in three different types such as strip, track and disc lights. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

4. Do not forget natural light as a part of kitchen lighting ideas. Bring more natural light by widen the kitchen window or create an extra one. Another idea is to create a skylight. Natural light helps reduce the use of artificial lights, lower the electric bill because no need to turn on the light all day.

Define the best lighting system for your kitchen! Whatever you choose, do not forget the importance of natural light.

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